© 2004 - 2020  BY ART DOMAIN GROUP - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Who's Who in Visual Art . 99 Top Fine Artists of Our Day . 2020-2021 Editorial October 2018: Milestone in the history of art. At Christie's auction house in New York, a piece of art comes under the hammer which is the product of so-called artificial intelligence. Materialised insanity by a French artist collective called Obvious who want to democratise art using artificial intelligence! Edmond de Belamy, the title of the "artwork", is the product of a digital algorithm and fetched $432,500 (€380,500). A powerful example in my eyes for the ongoing perversion of the art market as an expression of an increasingly obfuscated western society. Ignorance and greed (and the much-touted artificial intelligence) have long since replaced the reflective "common sense" and played their malicious game. Edmond de Belamy, a welcome artefact with which greedy and unscrupulous brokers can tell the tales of modern times. "And the confused collector then possesses the unique condensation germ for the narration," as an intelligent reader of this message puts it on the blog. As has become noticeable on all levels of our western world, which unfortunately has now completely succumbed to the hypnotic magic of US-American influences, the ominous spirit has also established itself in the world of art, increasingly exchanging healing and well-recognised values for inferior ones. The consolation is that in view of this seemingly unstoppable decline, one can still find a gratifying faction of artists worldwide who remain largely uninfluenced by the demon Mammon in search of the substantial values for humane art. Who's Who in Visual Art has been committed to these artists since its first edition. There is hope because the title has established itself well in the past almost 15 years of its appearance, it has achieved a special status and become a popular guide for many art-relevant bodies such as gallery owners, curators and art collectors. Ulrich Goette Himmelblau January 2020 Details: Hardcover: 242 pages . Size: 21,8 x 19,8 x 2 cm Language: English, German ISBN-13: 978-3-9817701-3-1