Foreword The forms in which art is expressed are just like life - diverse and multifaceted, emotional and passionate, challenging and complex. Polarity is the original form of all being. No day without night, no summer without winter, no white without black. Transparency and opacity, joy and sorrow, hot and cold, natural and unnatural. Everything has its place and everything is right; the key to happiness, however, is finding the balance in all aspects.          With this book we take you into the rich world of modern arts and crafts and ambitious contemporary design. On this journey we will introduce you in detail to the different disciplines and styles and diverse materials and techniques.     All artists and designers represented in this book find their inspiration in the pure beauty of nature, the complexity of emotions, feelings and things that cannot be described in words. Each in their very own personal way. Each in their element and with their individual perspective. The real art is to understand and know one's craft so as to utilize the requirements and possibilities of the material in order to create something that is a clear expression of the artist's ideas and intentions. Painters and photographers play with the media of colours, light and shadow. Owing to the medium, this happens only in a one-dimensional way. Craftspeople and designers, however, are able to use the three- dimensional space for their art. This enables the artist and viewer to experience a further facet. It is possible to not only see the works but also touch and feel them. In this volume we present objects and craftspeople that couldn't be any different, but they all have one thing in common: They enrich life. The life of the artist by realizing and expressing their ideas, and the life of the viewer or buyer by "decorating" themselves or their surroundings with the artworks. I invite you to enter the wonderful, diverse, creative, colourful and elegant world of contemporary arts and crafts and design, and I hope you enjoy this book. If you're interested in any of the exhibits shown here or in finding out more about the artists and their works, please visit the internet address listed for each artist. Quedlinburg, April 2016 Hannah Ullmann Product details Hardcover: 166 pages . Dimensions: 21 x 19 x 2 cm Language: English / German ISBN-13: 978-3-9817701-1-7 Presentation at Frankfurt and Leipzig Book Fair Who's Who in Visual Art . 75 Artisans, Craftspeople & Designers . 2016-2017
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